Image of Natalie Kastel

Natalie Kastel

Researcher at University of Amsterdam

Brain and cognitive neuroscienceactive inferencephilosophysocial neuro-AIollective behavior

I am a researcher (MSc) with a profile in Philosophy, Psychology and Systems Neuroscience. I also have a background and a keen interest in the network dynamics of complex adaptive systems and have spent the last year using a biologically plausible reinforcement learning model (Active Inference under the free energy principle) to model the emergence of cumulative culture from joint communication in an ecology of social virtual agents. I have had the immense privilege of learning the fundamentals of deep FEP-AI from Karl Friston and his students, and am currently pursuing a PhD position which would allow me to expand on this knowledge of deep learning architectures and explore the nature of human and machine intelligence from the intersection of philosophy, neuroscience and complexity.