Our community began in 2019 with a single-day, in-person event taking place in downtown San Francisco.

We were just a handful of people interested in Complexity Science, who craved a better understanding of how to apply the theories to real-world problems around us. We were inspired by events like Startup Weekend and institutions like the Santa Fe Institute, and wanted to create an event format that would support active learning through diverse team formation and practice.

This event ("ComplexityCon") was a lot of fun, and we decided to make it an annual event series! Then in 2020, like so many others, our plans were disrupted by the outbreak of COVID-19.

The global pandemic revealed to the world just how important Complexity Thinking is, and how interconnected our modern systems have become. Interest in Complexity Science rose dramatically, and we were suddenly facing a massive influx in interest from Participants, Facilitators, and Organizers.

Our next event was the more familiar Weekend-long format we still work with today, but we had to put the event online, as in-person meetings were not possible during the pandemic lockdown. After the success of our May 2020 Weekend event, a gathering of early Organizers and Facilitators committed to hosting 2 biannual Weekend events with monthly community events inbetween.

Shifting to online events caused Participants and Facilitators from around the globe to join in, and before we knew it we had representation from over 55+ countries each biannual cohort. Our Community Values began to take shape, with diversity becoming a central tenant that enabled pattern-matching across different backgrounds, perspectives, skillsets in each cohort and on each team, which empowers Complexity Thinking and novel solution ideation for many of the most difficult problems facing our society today.

The rest, as they say, is history... Today our community of practice has grown dramatically in number of Participants, Facilitators, and Organizers, and we are proud to partner with Supporters each cohort and Associations long-term. We have harnessed the volunteer energy of our community to form public teams ("committees") innovating all aspects of CW today and we run an always-online public coworking space in gather.town that hosts these committee meetings, monthly engagement through our Heartbeat events, and open coworking times for teams and individuals.

The future is looking bright for our Complexity Weekend community of practice, and we are so glad to have you taking part in it.